Gutter guards, gutter covers, gutter screens; means no gutter cleaning!

No one likes cleaning gutters, plus it’s dangerous, but if you live in Minnesota you know that cleaning gutters is a spring and fall ritual that we all need to perform to keep our gutters clear of debris and functioning properly. The problem is that after you haul out the ladder and climb up to the gutter, then clean out all the leaves, seed pods, pine needles, and debris that have plugged your gutters, you might need to be back up on the ladder next week doing the whole process all over again.

There is an easier solution to keeping your gutters clean, so they channel all the rainwater away from your homes foundation and help prevent structural damage to your home and landscaping. Add gutter guards, gutter covers or gutter screens. Which is the best gutter guard to install? It all depends on the trees surrounding your home and what type of debris is typically clogging your gutters, and of course, your budget.

Metro Seamless Gutters, Inc. installs many different types of gutter guards, gutter covers and gutter screen combinations. Each one is designed with specific advantages and each one also has its disadvantages. Most gutter guards have drawbacks of either letting in too much debris or not letting in enough water in a heavy downpour. Please call us for a quote, we will be glad to share our years of experience and knowledge with you, so you can decide which choice is right for you and your budget.

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We can install gutter guards, gutter covers, or gutter screens on either new or existing gutter systems.

Which is the best gutter guard, gutter cover or screen to have installed?

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Metro Seamless Gutters, Inc. installs, or have installed, most gutter guards on the market and we have had our share of both good and bad experiences with them. That is why we have systematically narrowed down our selection and chosen to only sell the ones that work the best for the money.

Leaf Solution has been the gutter guard that works the very best in our experience; however it also cost the most, which puts it out of reach of the homeowner on a budget. Leaf Shelter is a good product, not quite as good, but it is effective and it is more affordable for the average homeowner.

LeaFree™ is a hood style gutter guard like the popular Leaf Guard or Gutter Helmet brand that many people are familiar with. By far our most popular gutter covers are the gutter screens, which are manufactured from steel and powder coated to prevent rust; they are both inexpensive and effective.

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